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11 Life Hacks For Parents

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11 Life Hacks That Will Make

Your Life Easier with Kids!

The parenting experience is undoubtedly filled with countless moments of joy. However, parenting can be stressful. Here are 11 life hacks that can help make parenting less challenging and a bit more fun!

Save a trip to the locksmith with a Rubber Band!

Potty training your child? Little ones like to mimic what they see and want to be big so they may close the door as when they go, but how do you make sure they don’t lock themselves in? Use a rubber band! Place either ends of the rubber band on either knobs of the door and save yourself from having to breakdown the door or running to a locksmith!

Save Yourself from Having to Clean Up Ice-Cream Drips By Using a Paper Muffin Cup

All children love ice-cream, but parents, not so much since they have to clean up the drips! Now you can save yourself from having to do that by sticking a muffin cup at the bottom of ice-cream sticks

Lint Roller for Cleaning Up After Arts & Crafts Activities

Scared of letting children craft with glitter at home? Now you can let them loose and have fun by using a lint roller later on to clean up all the glitter easily!

Water Cups with Magnets

Tired of having your children leaving water cups lying around? Get them their own cups and stick magnet buttons on them. Stick them up on the fridge so your children can easily pick and pin their water cups back. They will have fun while doing this too!

Use a Rubber Band to Control the Amount of Hand Wash or Shampoo Used

Do you think your children use too much hand soap, lotion, or shampoo? Control the amount of the product they get by limiting movement of the pump by using a rubber band!

Using Stickers to Teach Children How to Wear Shoes Correctly

To get your children to wear shoes correctly, place each half of a sticker on either foot so they know which shoe to wear on which foot!

Using a Pom Pom Ball or a Tissue ball to Teach Children How to Hold a Pencil

Place a small rubber ball or a ball of tissue paper behind the last two fingers of your child to teach them how to hold a pencil correctly.

Use your Inflatable Pool as a Playpen

Use your inflatable pool as a playpen. Not only will it store a large amount of toys and keep your child safe but also keep them in a confined area – easier for you to clean-up!

Ensure Your Child’s safety with Pool Noodles

Make sure your children don’t slam their hands while closing doors by attaching a pool noodle to the doors.

Avoid Juice Spills by Teaching Kids to Use Side Flaps

Open up the side flaps of a juice box and let your child to hold the box with them so they don’t over-squeeze the juice box and spill the juice.

Make a Bracelet with your Phone Number in it

To lessen the chances of your children getting lost while out shopping or on a trip, havethem wear a bracelet that has your phone number on it.

This has been part 2 of our A Mother’s Summer Survival Guide series! Check back to soon for more!


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